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Islands are no longer limited to kitchens. Some designers are adding islands to larger bathrooms for their ample storage, counter space, and accessibility. Realtor’s Julie Ryan Evans spoke with a couple certified bathroom designers...

Get the lowdown on the most popular modern bathroom design features of the moment.

When it comes to decorating your home, the bathroom should never be overlooked – it's important that it performs its functional duties whilst maintai...

Q. With low-flow toilets now required by code almost everywhere, are there steps builders and remodelers can take to prevent problems caused by waste becoming stranded in drain lines?

A.Jim Stack, a plumbing contractor in Kirkland,...

Design, demand and technology changes are shaping the market.

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Walk-in tubs have always had their fans. For those with joint and mobility challenges, they can be a lifesaver both in terms of comfort and the...

In this age where the need for comfort and satisfaction is imminent and households and establishments are doing anything they can to attain this, bathtubs are used to make sure that comfort and satisfaction in the bathroom can be a...

How to know which bathroom sink is the right one for you.

How to choose the right bathroom sink for your bathroom remodel can sometimes be tough. With all the choices out there where do you start? Here are some pros and cons of the...

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