8 Hot but highly impractical design trends that are more trouble than they're worth

These days, it seems like we're constantly barraged with images of what's fresh and hot in home design. From Instagram to Pinterest to "Fixer Upper," it can be hellishly difficult to keep up with the latest trends—and very easy to feel like your home simply doesn't stack up.

But here's the thing: Those gorgeous photos of, say, spotless, all-white kitchens are more than merely aspirational; they're a bit antithetical to, you know, living.

So before you fork over a ton of cash to make your home look Pinterest-worthy, remember that some of the hottest design trends are also a whole lot more trouble than they're worth. Like with a beautiful dry-clean-only cashmere sweater, proceed with caution when trying these trends on for size.

1. Marble countertops

Photo by JKA Design

Sure, the popular (and pricey) Calacatta or Carrara marble countertops are beautiful—but they're also highly impractical.

"Using marble in the kitchen is like installing a white sponge on top of your cabinets," says Gretchen Kennelly, an interior designer in San Diego.

Why? It's extremely porous, meaning it will etch or stain if you spill anything acidic or leave water standing on it for too long.

If you want your countertops to look the same in 10 years as the day they were installed, opt for a more sensible solid-quartz version (e.g., Silestone or Dekton) at half the price.

"The No. 1 thing my clients want when it comes to countertops is durability and a material that requires zero maintenance," says designer Daniel Germani. "They hate the idea of investing in something that will inevitably stain or requires constant sealing."

2. Metal tiles

Photo by ALLOY Solid Metal Tiles

Metal is making a big splash this year, designers say, as homeowners turn to tiles in soft shades of silver and brass to add glamour, or simply to complement the matte fixtures that are dominating in 2018.

The problem?

"While they're gorgeous,&