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KitchenAid Opens a Window on Dishwashing

Turn on the lights and take a peek inside the brand's latest dishwasher—with a window

KitchenAid has introduced a new dishwasher model with a feature homeowners will want to see to believe: a tinted exterior window and lighted interior. The Energy-Star qualified model operates at a low 44 dBa, thanks to its built-in sound insulation system ideal for homes with open floor plans. Precision Touch Controls provide a seamless, easy-to-use interface, and the unit's stainless steel inner tub will resist streaking, stains, and odors.

For high-performance cleaning, the dishwasher features an upper rack adjustable bottle wash feature to effectively clean a variety of water bottles, vases, and other oddly shaped dishes. In the tub, a nine-in-one wash arm configuration improves soaking and scrubbing with complete water coverage throughout the dishwasher. The exclusive Clean Water Wash System continuously removes food particles from the wash water through a maintenance-free stainless steel filter, even for the heaviest loads.

Other features include adjustable shelving on both sides of the upper rack, a professional-style no-slip front handle. Look for retail pricing around $2,049.

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