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NKBA Releases Study About How Homeowners Live in Their Kitchens

Homeowners likely have a long list of wants for their kitchen remodels. They want better functionality, more storage space, and the latest appliances. But how are they actually living in this space?

In its new study, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) looked at homeowners' "attitudes and behaviors toward cooking, meal preparation, entertaining and kitchen design, and the influence of their lifestyles on the kitchen remodel and installation process," BUILDER's Leah Demirjian writes. The Lifestyle Segmentation Report is the first behavioral study the NKBA has done.

Key findings include:

Cooking and Meal Preparation

  • Half of kitchen remodeling projects are initiated by "confident cooks" who enjoy cooking, making healthy meals, and ensuring meals are a time for everyone to be together.

  • The other half of kitchen remodeling projects are prompted by "struggling cooks" who are time constrained and look for help at mealtimes, using frozen or prepared foods to help with meal preparation when necessary.

Design Confidence and Home Tech Needs

  • Half of kitchen project initiators are seeking design help for their kitchen project (two segments); one of these segments is concerned about the project coming together perfectly, while the other merely lacks confidence in their own design skills.

  • One segment relies more on technology during meal preparation, and has a higher need of technology access and storage in the kitchen.

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