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5 Things NOT to Skimp on for your Bathroom Remodel

Knowing where to invest money and where to cut back during a bathroom remodel is key to creating a bathroom that you and your family will love for years to come. At Luxury Bath Technologies, we seek to remodel your bathroom to provide the best functionality and design.

5 Things NOT to Skimp on for your Bathroom Remodel

In order to love the end result, it’s essential to not skimp on certain items to create the best bathroom possible.

1. Accent Tile – While floor tile can be more muted, adding colored tiles above a bath replacement or within a backsplash or background can make the entire bathroom pop while remaining cost-effective.

2. Cabinets – Skimping on cabinets is never a good idea. Built to last, solid cabinets can be used for years to come, and are made to withstand unique bathroom temperatures.

3. Countertops – Spending money on low-maintenance, high-quality countertops (especially if children are using the bathroom) can save you unnecessary headaches and additional cost in the future.

4. Fixtures – With so many options for fixtures, it helps to choose a cohesive theme that can subtly bring the entire bathroom together.

5. Toilet – Toilets are an item that will be used for years to come. It’s best to invest initially and not have to constantly replace a cheap and poorly made toilet year after year.

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