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After the holidays, many people begin to re-examine their homes, considering the comfort and efficient use of the space that they have. Frequently, the bathroom is one of the first areas that they would like to make changes, and there are many terrific reasons to redoing bathrooms. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.


Redoing Bathrooms 7 Reasons

1.Sharing – Splitting a typically small area comfortably with another person requires great planning for good function. Double vanities, segregated storage, and many other items can provide for much smoother get ready time, and considerably more pleasant relationships.

2. Adding or changing a bathtub – When a long, hot soak is what relaxes and delights, adding or changing a tub can add a lot of joy. There are many varieties available from those with jacuzzi jets, or deeper or wider options. Adding a ledge to add candles, a cool drink and some bath salts can transform the experience.

3. Expanding or updating the shower – Having additional elbow room, a fabulous shower-head, and plenty of ledge area for soap, shampoo and other shower items can make showering a whole lot more enjoyable.

4. Good lighting and mirrors - A good shave or applying makeup requires great lighting and mirrors. It may be as simple as adding or changing mirrors, replacing light fixtures, placing them more strategically, or adding a skylight or window to allow for natural light.

5. Easy to clean – Nothing can make a bathroom feel less welcoming than the feeling that it's not clean and it's too difficult to get clean. Dingy fixtures, old flooring, and soap-scummed shower doors can make the room a disaster zone. Refreshing the bathroom with easy to clean, fresh-looking items can make it a place that's easy to love.

6. Adding storage – When a medicine cabinet is the extent of the available storage, and the toilet paper and blow dryer must be stored in another room, it may be time to add some storage. This can be achieved through a new vanity, added shelving, cabinets, or hooks if space is at a minimum.

7. Better ventilation – Increasing air circulation with a new fan or outside window can reduce mold and mildew, resulting in a healthier environment, cleaner bathroom, and less steamy, foggy room and mirrors.

Although the room may simply be too small, it may not be possible to expand it, or it may be cost prohibitive. However, with expert advice and some quality changes, nearly any bathroom can be greatly improved. Not only can that make it more comfortable while living there, but these changes can greatly improve its appeal to buyers when it's time to sell.

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