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Islands are no longer limited to kitchens. Some designers are adding islands to larger bathrooms for their ample storage, counter space, and accessibility. Realtor’s Julie Ryan Evans spoke with a couple certified bathroom designers on the subject and found bathroom islands also create “a dramatic focal point” and are a “common-sense approach to spacious bathroom design.” Here are some tips on how to incorporate a bathroom island in your next project.

  • Plan for plenty of space around the island, to allow for someone to move freely around another person or past opened doors and drawers.

  • Consider the shape. An oval bathroom island adds a softer feel and more room to maneuver than a square or rectangular island.

  • Customize the height for the islands purpose, higher if you just plan to brush your teeth standing, lower if you prefer to sit and put on makeup.

  • Make sure to incorporate sufficient lighting for the islands purpose.

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