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Caesarstone Textured Solid Surface

I’m struck by two thoughts at once (which is overload for me). First, I’m thinking how tough it is for companies to get the word out about things. Second, is an awesome new-ish product by Caesarstone. It’s a pattern-textured solid surface called Motivo from Caesarstone.

You might be thinking that this looks no different than thousands of textured wallpaper products you’ve seen forever. At first glance, they are similar. But there are oh so many differences, the most useful of which is that this material is waterproof. Hello new shower!

Potential Uses Include

  • Shower walls

  • Tub Surrounds

  • Backsplashes (Kitchen or bath)

  • Custom Vanities (see photo right)

  • Fireplace surrounds

  • Exterior Surfaces

  • Custom design accents anywhere

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