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Investing in your future: Our new easy bathing range

Adaptations to the home can make dealing with mobility issues and disabilities easier. Usually being the smallest room in the house, the bathroom can present some of the biggest challenges when dealing with limitations in mobility, flexibility or dexterity, with impaired vision or any other barrier that requires a little additional support to surmount.

It used to be that accessible bathrooms were necessarily utilitarian-looking, but no more. With the Easy Bathing range from bathstore, you can create a beautiful bathroom environment that is perfectly customized to meet the needs of all the family. It’s becoming quite common for more than two generations to live under the same roof. Bathrooms, however, aren’t necessarily getting bigger, so practicality is key when creating a stylish space that is suitable for everyone: think walk-in shower bath, raised toilet and vanity unit that’s comfortable to use whether seated or standing. A beautiful space, perfect for the youngest to the oldest – truly multi-generational.

This means you can now adapt your bathroom to provide you with all the comfort and support you need, without compromising on stylish interior design.

Walk-in baths and accessible showers

One of the easiest solutions for those with decreased mobility or who may find it hard climbing in or out of a traditional bathtub or shower tray is the wet room. A wet room solution or low-profile shower tray from bath-store's Easy Bathing range lets you get in and out of the shower with no more difficulty than walking on a flat surface.

An integrated shower seat means you can even take the weight off while washing, while anti-slip mats or flooring help ensure that when you are on your feet, that’s exactly where you stay.

However, space is often at a premium in the smallest room of the house and not everybody has the floor space for a wet room. In this case, a low-level or walk-in bath could be the answer. In many cases a shower can be integrated above the bath, giving you the option to choose between a refreshing cleanse or a soothing soak. Stylish safety rails add an additional layer of support.

Comfort sanitary ware and wheelchair-friendly furniture

It’s not just bathing and showering that can cause problems for some. The luxurious Easy Bathing range at bath-store features a variety of comfort sanitary ware to make all the everyday personal grooming tasks easier. Toilets and sinks can be integrated into the bathroom at the perfect height to facilitate both wheelchair users and other family members.

For those who struggle with grip or dexterity, the addition of extended lever taps and mixers make turning them on and off simple. There are also wheelchair-accessible vanity units and safe, ingeniously designed storage solutions to complete your accessible yet attractive bathroom.

Safety rails and anti-slip solutions

Safety rails placed at convenient intervals throughout the bathroom can help those with decreased mobility get around securely. Many of your existing bathroom accessories can be integrated with contemporary-styled safety rails, for a seamless look that avoids the industrial feel often associated with accessible bathroom design.

Anti-slip shower trays and floor tiles help ensure that everyone in the family stays safe even when wet. A choice of bold contrasting tiles even lets you mark out individual bathroom zones to help the visually-impaired get around independently.

Accessibility in a bathroom is no longer the barrier to interior design that it perhaps once was. Investing now helps you ensure that you will be able to maintain your independence in your own home far into the future without once compromising on aesthetic ideals.

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