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How To Mix Contemporary & Classic Styles

As the saying goes “opposites attract”, so don’t be afraid of fusing two different styles to create an eclectic homey look when designing your new kitchen. If you want to achieve a design scheme that combines modern trends with inherited, vintage or antique pieces, follow our essential tips.


As with any room in your home, determining the overall feel you want to achieve is the best starting point. If you’re looking to create something that exposes your individuality, we believe that it’s best to use items and pieces of furniture that really contrast in periods of time.

Carefully combining vintage and modern pieces will help develop the feeling that the room has evolved over many years. We especially love blending modern trends with inherited pieces, as this combination gives your kitchen a uniqueness that no other home will possess. While vintage pieces stimulate your nostalgic senses, contemporary designs inspire elegance and tidiness. Just make sure that each design element is made from the highest quality to ensure your kitchen is stylish and not chaotic. This merger is one that must be well thought out and not just thrown together.

Creating the right balance is a key factor when merging these two opposing schemes. Our tip is to distribute the different pieces so that they are not grouped in their respective periods or styles. For example, a vintage armoire or chair will fit in better if you pepper in a few accessories from the same era in order to tie it all together. Additionally, if you have an ancient wooden table, you can pair it with ultra-modern chairs such as clear acrylic or even steel.

If you are buying modern cabinetry, we suggest salvaging old architecture and repurposing it. Old windows, vaulted ceilings, or antique doors will contrast well with a modern white cabinetry design.

Be sure to add in the different pieces slowly. Take a step back and review each element as you add it to the room. With time you will have created the perfect mix of old and new. It takes a keen eye to mix these two styles and develop a result that looks perfectly calculated.

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