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Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

With the Fall rapidly approaching and the Summer quickly coming to a halt, now feels like a good time to round up what experts are saying about kitchen design trends for the coming months and the new year ahead.

(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

According to AOL, via PureWow, one of the biggest trends in kitchen design & renovation coming is the banquette dining nook. With relaxing at home and comfort being at the top of many people's prioritizes these days, this incoming trend makes perfect sense.

Another pro in the banquettes > chairs debate? You can add storage drawers beneath it. (We mean, who doesn’t want more storage space?)

Designing your kitchen with this setup allows much flexibility when it comes to storage and usage of space. Depending on how big your current kitchen is and how many people you'll need to accommodate at your kitchen table, banquettes offer many options for using or not using kitchen chairs and turning a half wall into the back of the banquette.

Lotte Brouwer of Living Etc has also written about the upcoming trends in kitchen design for the rest of 2018 and moving into 2019. One of the most popular designs coming out has been the incorporation of brass into kitchen design. Everything from handles, appliances and power plugs are being finished with brass.

Another element of kitchen design that Brouwer mentions is silent range hoods. Having a range hood that still has fully functioning capabilities but incorporates a noise-reduction system is the best of both worlds. Also related to range hoods, Brouwer describes a situation where the hood communicates to the hub below to automatically adjust its settings to accommodate whatever is being cooked.

Amanda Gates, who runs her own website on interior design & Feng Shui, has also echoed many of the trends talked about by Lotte Brouwer & PureWow above.

One of the biggest trends Gates talks about is bringing exciting colors into kitchen design. Dark blues, yellows & reds are being incorporated into designing appliances like stoves, refrigerators & much more!

Gates also writes that the classic white kitchen isn't as popular as it use to be. With bright colors more and more being incorporated into kitchen design, Gates believes that many people will move away from lifeless kitchens and go for more vibrant and exciting colors.

To read the article and the rest of Amanda Gate's work, click here!


*This* will be the #1 kitchen reno trend for 2019

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