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7 Bathroom Design Tips

With so many different resources and options available, designing a bathroom can be a very daunting experience. If you're thinking about starting this process or have already, here are some tips to make it a bit easier. As always, if you ever have questions or want to have your entire bathroom designed for you in one place, please visit Your Home Center at 355 Sunrise Highway West Babylon.

1. Plan an Efficient Layout

This tip comes from Better Homes & Gardens. They believe that when you're building the general layout for your bathroom, the shower, toilet and sink should all be lined up on the same wall as it is a cost-effective design.

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2. Built-in Storage

Carla Aston has pointed out built-in storage as a tip when you're designing your bathroom. Consider ordering deep and large medicine cabinets to really maximize the space you have above your bathroom vanity.

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3. Make sure there's plenty of natural lighting

(Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash)

This tip comes from HGTV's Chip Wade, via Taylor Mead on House Beautiful . Rather than just adding more windows, Wade believes that adding transoms above the vanity or cabinets is a great way to allow natural lighting to flood down to the rest of the bathroom.

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4. Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

(Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash)

According to Michele Koh Morollo of Dwell, although natural stones looks good, materials like porcelain and reconstituted stone are more durable and easier to maintain materials. Always consider the material, not just the look, when you are picking out your bathroom countertop and tile.

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5. A Bathroom with a Touch of Wood

(Photo from La-Belle-Galerie on Pixabay)

Having an all white or mostly white bathroom, combined with a wood vanity or floor is a great way to highlight the contrast and beauty of both colors and materials. Charlie Bloom of Style Net says the two mix very well for a modern bathroom look.

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6. Plan the right height for your sink

Houzz, via Kiplinger, point out that the height of your sink needs to be perfect so that you are comfortable when brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Aside from just the height of the vanity & countertop, the height of the sink needs to be considered as well.

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7. Grout color

Houzz via Forbes, points out that one of the best ways to make your tile stand out is by changing the grout color. Gray grout cost the same amount as white grout if you're going to go with white tiles and want to make them come off more boldly.

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What did you think of these tips? Did you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments section!


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