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Picking Out The Right Bathroom Vanity

When you're designing a bathroom and picking out all the various products, the bathroom vanity is sometimes overlooked. The vanity is a key component of a bathroom's design. There are many different styles, sizes, finishes and colors to choose from. Each component is key to designing a bathroom that is both stylish and functional.

Kristin Schmitt of Better Homes & Gardens writes about the different styles of bathroom vanities. With the cabinet style vanity, a larger amount of space is taken up, compared to other vanities but the storage it offers with drawers & compartments is worth it if you have the space.

Wall mounted vanities offer a modern design look with various options for space. Some wall mounted vanities may just be a countertop & sink while others include built in storage via cabinets. Since the vanity is mounted to the wall, space below the vanity for storage is usually an option as well.

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Peter Walsh of HGTV has given ideas and things to consider for bathroom vanity ideas. If you're trying to design a powder room, a small pedestal sink is probably best. Though they don't offer any storage, they allow for extra room while the sink is being used and since a powder room doesn't have a shower or bath, not much storage is usually required.

For a master bedroom, a double sink vanity is probably the way to go. Since this bathroom will be used daily by more than one person, it makes sense to make sure there is plenty of storage. The style of the vanity should be similar to the furnishing style of the bedroom. Therefore, a standing vanity will blend better than a floating bathroom vanity.

When it comes to lighting for the vanity, stay away from a lighting fixture over the sink as this may cast a shadow on your face while you're looking at the mirror and using the sink. Opt for sconces instead. These offer better lighting and no issues with shadows.

Walsh's full article can be read here!

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