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6 Benefits of Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

Flooring is a major investment in your home. If you want a real wood look without all the hassle, consider installing wood-look tile instead. This material is more durable and requires less maintenance than real wood. Here are six benefits of installing wood-look tile in your home.

1. Long-lasting

A kitchen with wood-look tile floors.

Wood-look tile is one of the most durable materials for flooring on the market. As long as it’s installed properly and maintained, tile can look great for years to come. This is in stark contrast to real wood, which takes some serious care and attention throughout its life. It also needs to be refinished from time to time. The only real drawback with tile is that it can be chipped if not handled properly. But overall, tile is much more durable than real wood.

2. Range of Options

A kitchen and dining room with wood-look tile floors.

Wood-look tile comes in an array of styles and colors, so you should have no problem finding one that fits your home. With wood-look tile, you can pick out a specific species of wood and swap out the color to match your style. You can even replicate certain types of wear, such as weathered boards or sun-bleached planks. You can find an assortment of these wood-look tile at your local Lumber Liquidators store.

3. Flexibility

A living room with wood-look tile floors.

Unlike real wood, tile can be installed in pretty much any area of the home. This includes moisture-heavy rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Tile is naturally resistant to moisture and humidity, as long as it is properly installed and sealed, which makes it ideal if you want to cover the entire house in a wood look. When you go to purchase your tile, however, it is recommended to do as much as possible at once because matching colors can be difficult at a later date.

4. Upkeep

A bedroom with wood-look tile floors.

Tile is one of the easiest materials to maintain. In contrast to real wood, tile is naturally scratch resistant, does not expand or warp under moisture, and is fairly easy to clean. In fact, a tile mop and a good vacuum cleaner are all you need to keep your tile looking its best. You do, however, have to be careful when using certain cleaning products. Abrasive and acidic chemicals, for example, can erode grout and remove sealer. Luckily, warm water and soap will remove the majority of stains and spills you encounter.

5. Pet and Allergy Friendly

A living room with wood-look tile floors.

Wood-look tile is great if you have allergies or own pets. Tiles are more scratch resistant than real wood, so you do not have to worry about your dog or cat ruining your investment. Tiles are also less likely to attract pollen, dust, and dander, which means it is easier on allergies throughout the year. Just ensure the tile is properly sealed and clean it on a regular basis.

6. Environmentally Conscious Wood-look tile is very eco-friendly. Tile is typically made out of ceramic or porcelain, which do not feature dangerous chemicals, also referred to as VOCs. On a basic level, this means that the tile will not leach any chemicals into the surrounding environment. Tile can also be recycled and turned into materials for paving roads if you ever decided to get rid of them.

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