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Custom Home Kitchen Design Trends: Black Counters

White modern farmhouse kitchens may be all the rage on Pinterest when it comes to custom home kitchen design trends, but we think there’s something special about kitchen design that bucks the trend in favor of black counters.

Black counters can give a kitchen a high contrast, modern look that is neutral enough to look great with white, dark, or natural cabinets. But beyond the sleek design black counters have a practical side, too. They resist stains more than lighter counters (so you can let that red wine spill without worry).

You can choose black counters from a variety of surface materials depending on the look you want and your budget: granite, quartz, and even tile are all durable surfaces that shine as part of a modern kitchen look.

Here are just a few homes that we recently built for customers that chose black counters to create a kitchen that pops.

A common misconception is that black counters will make a kitchen too dark… not true! As you can see in this home, black counters can provide a high-contrast look with lighter cabinets, stainless steel appliances and a stunning paint color.

Another creative idea for black counters is to mix and match with other surfaces to create a distinct look. Choose a different color or material for the island, as this customer did, to add more visual interest. Butcher block is another great surface to provide a strong design aesthetic (that’s functional, too).

Another great way to add create a beautiful kitchen with black counters is to choose a surface with flecks of color, like this kitchen for a home we recently built in Poulsbo.

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