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Give homeowners the marble space they desire with superior-performing Cambria quartz.

Cambria Torquay featured with black lacquered cabinets and gold hardware pairs perfectly to create a sophisticated luxe look.

There’s no denying the old-world beauty of marble. However, while many love it as an aesthetic for home decor, it’s far from ideal for the spaces and surfaces that are used every day.

Whether it’s a remodel or a new build, it’s important to ask yourself: “How do homeowners want to use their spaces?” Do they picture a kitchen filled with friends savoring wine? A morning espresso at the kitchen island? Making breakfast with their kids? With so many possible purposes, it’s imperative to find countertops with benefitsas impressive as the beauty. Durable, stain-resistant quartz countertops, like Cambria, are 100% nonporous and don’t require sealants, giving homeowners the chance to stop worrying about the maintenance of marble and start loving their spaces for a lifetime.

Because marble is a weak, porous stone, it’s not the best choice for large surfaces like countertops or vanities. Etches and stains will quickly dampen its beauty, and bacteria and moisture from spills can easily accumulate within, generating mold and mildew. Marble countertops also require regular maintenance with sealants that may contain harsh chemicals and won’t guarantee against stains.

If you’re envisioning a project with a sophisticated marble space, we suggest exploring substitute quartz options such as the Marble Collection from Cambria. It is a luxurious marble alternative that can achieve the beauty of marble without sacrificing performance and sustainability.

Consider design palettes to compliment any marble-inspired space. Swanbridge and Ella are great examples of how to set elegant tones in white kitchens or spa-like master baths. Selections like Brittanicca utilize powerful veining and movement to create lasting statements in both modern and traditional spaces. Designs such as Queen Annepair well with gray kitchen palettes that share a consistent hue, while a gold and purple sparkle from the likes of Annicca can achieve regal opulence.

Once the homeowner has landed on the perfect design, it’s time to think about the appropriate finish suggestion. A velvety, low-sheen finish should be used if a homeowner is looking for a distinctive, sleek look and modern sensibility. If the homeowner is searching for a classic, reflective surface with pristine appeal, choose a high gloss finish. High gloss is also great for visually expanding smaller spaces or brightening one that’s low on natural light. Cambria’s high gloss and signature Cambria Matte finishes offer equal performance benefits and serve as ideal options to accomplish these styles.

Marble is also a weaker stone that doesn’t age well, making it likely to need replacing during one’s time living in his or her home. By using American-made products that endure for the life of a home, it’s possible to create a large impact while leaving a small, conscientious environmental footprint.

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