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This Dream Kitchen's Loaded With Features You'll Wish You Had

Once you try these, there's literally no going back.

Cooking is a ton of work—especially when you've been running around all day and have zero energy to care when dinnertime rolls around—but there are some insane new features (all of them in our Whole Home project's kitchen) that make cooking a total breeze. And many of them help you actually eat healthier, too, so it's an all-around win. If you think you've seen everything there is to see when it comes to smart features, trust us, you haven't seen anything yet.

1. Grow Room

In-kitchen grow rooms are the new wine fridges. Grow all your greens and herbs without having to worry about space for an outdoor garden. If you've got them in your kitchen, you're more likely to actually eat them.

2. Larder

You can keep healthy choices right within arm's reach when you have a cold larder. This glammed-up preservation room can store your fruits and veggies at the ideal temperature of 58 degrees. Bonus: You can also use this to store red wine.

3. Smart Sink

Toss your measuring cups—this smart faucet from American Standard is all you need. The Beale MeasureFill model includes precision-measuring, so you can simply twist a dial and have it pour exactly as much water as you'll need for whatever you're cooking or baking.

4. See it in action

Seriously—this faucet is everything you never knew you needed in life.

5. Smart Storage

Organizing your kitchen is one thing, but keeping everything in order is another story entirely. These peg holders in the lower cabinets keep dishware tidy and can be easily adjusted if sizes or quantity change over time.

6. Built-In Sous Vide

You'll never have to worry about making reservations at a fancy restaurant again—a built-in sous vide on this Signature Kitchen Suite range preps your proteins and locks in nutrients, so they come out super tender and flavorful.

7. Smart Lighting

If you don't already have smart lighting in your kitchen, you need it—and everywhere else in your house. This smart switch system by NOON has customizable scenes such as Entertaining or Relax, so you can set the mood to whatever you're feeling.

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