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Should Remodelers Advise Against These Interior Design Trends?

New home design trends emerge every year and it is important for remodelers to stay on top of these trends, but most trends don't typically last forever. Many design elements are not timeless and several home decorating trends that are popular now may be on the way out in the near future. The Cheat Sheet identified several home design trends that it believes are best to avoid.

Here are some trends The Cheat Sheet don't believe have staying power:

White on white Those aggressively white rooms might look amazing on Instagram, but in real life, they're almost impossible to maintain. That's why they're slowing fading out of style this year.

TVs over fireplaces The optimal position for television viewing is about eye level when you're seated in a couch or chair. So, unless you have a really tall couch, hanging your television over the mantle means you're constantly straining your neck.

Accent walls Covering one wall in reclaimed wood or wallpaper might seem like wise design decision. However, this technique sometimes makes it look like your whole room is one unfinished project.

Farmhouse chic There is literally nothing more popular than Joanna Gaines and her particular brand of farmhouse chic right now. There are other design styles out there. Instead of following the trend, choose the things you like and leave the rest.

Stainless steel appliances Other options like black and white might match better—and cost less. Designers are coming out with innovative new options beyond stainless.

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